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Volume 10 (1864)

548 Forward! Forward! Forward!
549 A Desperate Case—How to meet It
550 The Ship on Fire—A Voice of Warning
553 Election No Discouragement to Seeking Souls
554 Enduring to the End
559 The Cripple at Lystra
563 The Barley Field on Fire
567 Labor in Vain
568 What God Cannot Do!
569 The Arrows of the Lord’s Deliverance
570 The First Five Disciples
571 Unbelievers Stumbling—Believers Rejoicing
573 Baptismal Regeneration
577 “Let Us Go Forth”
578 A Bad Excuse Is Worse Than Nothing
579 God Pleading for Saints, and Saints Pleading for God
580 God Is With Us
581 Children Brought to Christ, Not to the Font
582 The Restoration and Conversion of the Jew
584 A Hearer in Disguise
586 The Child Samuel’s Prayer
587 God’s Strange Choice
590 The Backslider’s Way Hedged Up
591 “Thus Says the Lord”—Or, the Book of Common
Prayer Weighed in the Balance of the Sanctuary
592 The True Position of Assurance
595  Barabbas Preferred to Jesus
596 Praying and Waiting
597 Preparation for revival
598 Two Visions
599 The Certainty and Freeness of Divine Grace
600 The Centurion—Or, an Exhortation to the Virtuous
601 A Solemn Enquiry Concerning Our Families
602 The Smoke of Their Torments
604 The Man with the Measuring Line
605 Good Works in Good Company

Volume 11 (1865)

608 A Discourse for a Revival Season
609 Knowledge Commended
610 The Great Need—Or, the Great Salvation
611 Zechariah’s Vision of Joshua the High Priest
612 Jesus Washing His Disciples’ Feet
613 “The Strong One Driven Out by a Stronger One”
615 Human Depravity and Divine Mercy
618 The Great Physician and His Patients
619 The Golden Key of Prayer
626 The Waterer Watered
628 A Glorious Church
629 Jericho Captured
630 The Holy Spirit Compared to the Wind
632 Consider Before You Fight
634 Christians Kept in Time and Glorified in Eternity
636 The Church’s Love to Her Loving Lord
639 Zealots
642 Withholding Corn
645 The Blind Man’s Earnest Cries
646 In Whom Are You Trusting?
648  Degrees of Power Attending the Gospel
649 Songs for Desolate Hearts
650 Judgment Threatening But Mercy Sparing
651 A Sermon from a Rush
653 A Blow for Puseyism
659 Simeon
660 Light, Natural and Spiritual
661 The Great Arbitration Case
662 Consolation in the Furnace
664 Early and Late

Volume 12 (1866)

672 The Raven's Cry
679 The Amen
700 Order and Argument in Prayer
717 Pray for Jesus
719 Praying in the Holy Spirit

More to Come, Lord Willing

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May the Lord bless you abundantly for your labor of love.