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Volume 16 (1870)


Assured Security in Christ

909 Voices from the Excellent Glory
910 Overwhelming Obligations
911 The Putting Away of Sin
912 The Glorious Hereafter and Ourselves
913 Method and Music, Or the Art of Holy And Happy Living
914 Work in Us and Work by Us
915 Sinners Bound with the Cords of Sin
916 A Generous Proposal
917 Precious, Honorable, Beloved
918 The Two Builders and Their Houses
919 The King Feasting in His Garden
920 Backsliding Healed
921 Nathanael and the Fig Tree
922 Sincerity and Duplicity
923 Prepare to Meet Your God
924 Jesus Only
925 Individual Sin Laid on Jesus
926 The Sine Qua Non
927 Martha and Mary
928 A New Song for New Hearts
929 The Model Home Mission and the Model Home Missionary
930 Away with Fear
931 Three Precious Things
932 How God Condemned Sin
933 Angelic Studies
934 Bands of Love
935 The Sad Wonder
936 A Blessed Wonder
937 The Profit of Godliness in This Life
938 A Good Soldier of Jesus Christ
939 The Pilgrim’s Grateful Recollections
940 The Winnowing Fan
941 The Tender Pity of the Lord
942 The Way
943 The Spur
944 An Encouraging Lesson From Paul’s Conversion
945 Ripe Fruit
946 The Profit of Godliness in the Life to Come
947 Seeking for Jesus
948 A String of Pearls
949 The Unconquerable King
950 Means for Restoring the Banished
951 The Unrivalled Eloquence of Jesus
952 Negotiations for Peace
953 Done in a Day, But Wondered At Forever
954 A Most Needful Prayer Concerning the Holy Spirit
955 A Singular But Needful Question
956 Think Well And Do Well
957 Jesus No Phantom
958 Dei Gratia
959 Right Replies to Right Requests
960 Iconoclast
961 The Saint One with His Savior
962 A Personal Application
963 Our King, Our Joy
964 The Essence of the Gospel
965 Purging Out the Leaven
966 Joseph’s Bones
967 The Sages, the Star, and the Savior

Volume 17 (1871)


Life in Christ

969 Rest, Rest
970 The Lost Silver Piece
971 The Open Fountain
972 New Uses for Old Trophies
973 The Power of Christ Illustrated by the Resurrection
974 Compassion for Souls
975 The Parable of the Wedding Feast
976 The Wedding Garment
977 The Master’s Profession—The Disciples’ Pursuit
978 All Fullness in Christ
979 Faith and Regeneration
980 Hidden Manna
981 Carried by Four
982 The Ascension of Christ
983 Moab Is My Wash Pot
984 The Church As She Should Be
985 The Touchstone of Godly Sincerity
986 Victor Emmanuel, Emancipator
987 Marah, Or the Bitter Waters Sweetened
988 The Pastor’s Parting Blessing
989 A Last Lookout
990 Self-Humbling and Self-Searching
991 The Fourfold Treasure
992 A New Order of Priests and Levites
993 The Northern Iron and the Steel
994 The Prayer of Jabez
995 The Sheep and Their Shepherd
996 The Alarm
997 Prosperity Under Persecution
998 More and More
999 The Withering Work of the Holy Spirit


Number One Thousand—Or, “Bread Enough and to Spare”
1001 Altogether Lovely
1002 Now, and Then
1003 Your Own Salvation
1004 Bought with a Price
1005 Lessons from Nature
1006 Christ Is All
1007 North and South
1008 Love’s Logic
1009 Travailing for Souls
1010 Light for Those Who Sit in Darkness
1011 Job’s Regret and Our Own
1012 The Unbeliever’s Unhappy Condition
1013 Our Watchword
1014 “Nunc Dimittis”
1015 The One Thing Necessary
1016 Beauty for Ashes
1017 The Talking Book
1018 Pleading
1019 Household Salvation
1020 “The Sun of Righteousness”
1021 Heaven’s Nurse Children
1022 Sleep Not
1023 Praises and Vows Accepted in Zion
1024 “The Throne of Grace”
1025 A Visit to the Harvest Field
1026 Joy Born at Bethlehem
1027 The Joy of the Lord, The Strength of His People

Volume 18 (1872)


The Glorious Master and the Swooning Disciple

1029 A Call to Holy Living
1030 The Pilgrim’s Longing
1031 How Can I Obtain Faith?
1032 The Two Yokes
1033 Faith’s Dawn and Its Clouds
1034 The Only Atoning Priest
1035 The Real Presence—The Great Need of the Church
1036 Precious Deaths
1037 The Poor Man’s Friend
1038 Another Royal Procession
1039 “Pray Without Ceasing”
1040 Who Are These, and from Where Did The Come?
1041 Mercy’s Master Motive
1042 A Persuasive to Steadfastness
1043 Glorious Predestination
1044 Loosening the Sandal Strap
1045 Joy in a Reconciled God
1046 Covenant Blessings
1047 The Triumph of Christianity
1048 The Sin-Offering for the Common People
1049 Intercessory Prayer
1050 A Bright Light in Deep Shades
1051 Golden Bowls full of Incense
1052 The Sphere of Instrumentality
1053 Testimony and Experience
1054 “Water to Swim In”
1055 Ingratitude of Man
1056 Perseverance without Presumption
1057 Untrodden Ways
1058 No Quarter
1059 To the Thoughtless
1060 Behold the Lamb!
1061 Rahab
1062 Why Am I Thus?
1063 Moses’ Decision
1064 Salvation All of Grace
1065 The Healing of One Born Blind
1066 A Call for Revival
1067 The Resurrection Credible
1068 A Simple Remedy
1069 Laboring and Not Fainting
1070 Wrecked, But Not Reckless
1071 The Ministry of Gratitude
1072 My Prayer
1073 A Honeycomb
1074 The Paraclete
1075 A Root Out of a Dry Ground
1076 The Great Assize
1077 The Lord Blessing His Saints
1078 The Saints Blessing the Lord
1079 The Secret Food and the Public Name
1080 Our Gifts and How to Use Them
1081 A Visit to the Tomb
1082 The Life, Walk and Triumph of Faith
1083 Living Temples for the Living God
1084 The Thorn in the Flesh
1085 Dwell Deep, O Dedan!
1086 Jesus, the King of Truth
1087 The Hexapala of Mystery
1088 The Essence of Simplicity

More to Come, Lord Willing

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