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Volume 37 (1891)


Jehovah-Shammah: A Glorious Name for the New Year

2183 A Gracious Dismissal
2184 A Private Enquiry
2185 Our Manifesto
2186 Our Expectation
2187 Jesus: “All Blessing and All Blessed”
2188 Entangled in the Land
2189 A Call to Prayer and Testimony
2190 Bit and Bridle: How to Escape Them
2191 Believing on Jesus, And Its Counterfeits
2192 The Joyous Return
2193 A Poor Man’s Cry, And What Came of It
2194 Between the Two Appearings
2195 The Obedience of Faith
2196 Hosanna!
2197 Christ’s Resurrection and Our Newness of Life
2198 The Census of Israel
2199 Israel’s Hope; Or, The Center of the Target
2200 The Covenant Promise of the Spirit
2201 The Sword of The Spirit
2202 “Lo, I Come”: Exposition
2203 “Lo, I Come”: Application
2204 Sin: Its Springhead, Stream and Sea
2205 “My Times Are in Your Hand”
2206 “Am I a Sea, Or a Whale?”
2207 Redemption through Blood, The Gracious Forgiveness of Sins
2208 The Statute of David for the Sharing of the Spoil
2209 The Best Strengthening Medicine
2210 The Agreement of Salvation by Grace with Walking in Good Works
2211 God Rejoicing in the New Creation
2212 The Private Thoughts and Words of Jesus
2213 “Honey in the Mouth!”
2214 Barriers Broken Down
2215 Young Man! A Prayer for You
2216 The Lad’s Loaves in the Lord’s Hands
2217 Three Names High on the Muster Roll
2218 “Is the Spirit of the Lord Straitened?”
2219 A Harp of Ten Strings
2220 Three Decisive Steps
2221 The First Last, And the Last, First
2222 Lydia, the First European Convert
2223 Abraham’s Trial: A Lesson for Believers
2224 “If You Can”—“If You Can”
2225 A Clarion Call to Saints and Sinners
2226 “Lay Hold on Eternal Life”
2227 Wanted!—Volunteers
2228 The Law’s Failure and Fulfillment
2229 God’s Glorious and Everlasting Name
2230 Loved and Washed
2231 An Urgent Request for an Immediate Answer
2232 Christ’s Motive and Ours
2233 Both Sides of the Shield
2234 The Best Donation
2235 A Warrant for Your Apprehension
2236 Prodigal Love for the Prodigal Son

Volume 38 (1892)


Gratitude for Deliverance from the Grave

2238 “You Are Now Blessed of the Lord”
2239 “Is God in the Camp?”
2240 A Challenge and a Shield
2241 A Stanza of Deliverance
2242 God’s Will about the Future
2243 His Own Funeral Sermon
2244 Members of Christ
2245 “Living, Loving, Lasting Union”
2246 Come from the Four Winds, O Breath!
2247 Praise for the Gift of Gifts
2248 Sad Fasts Changed to Glad Feasts
2249 Even Now
2250 Words to Rest On
2251 Our Compassionate High Priest
2252 The Unknown Giver and the Misused Gifts
2253 The Perseverance of Faith
2254 The Two Guards Praying and Watching
2255 God Justified, Though Man Believes Not
2256 Daniel’s Band
2257 Inexcusable Irreverence and Ingratitude
2258 Where Is the Lord?
2259 The Simplicity and Sublimity of Salvation
2260 Christ’s Hospital
2261 One Worker Preparing for Another
2262 Christ’s Curate in Decapolis
2263 Christ’s Plea for Ignorant Sinners
2264 Sowing in the Wind, Reaping Under Clouds
2265 Harvest Joy
2266 Blessing for Blessing
2267 Life from the Dead
2268 A Question for Communicants
2269 Impotence and Omnipotence
2270 Two “I Wills” in Isaiah 41
2271 Alone, Yet Not Alone
2272 Longing to Find God
2273 Fickle Followers
2274 God’s People Melted and Tried
2275 Belief, Baptism, Blessing
2276 Forgiveness, Freedom, Favor
2277 Sychar’s Sinner Saved
2278 Feeding on the Word
2279 Joy Hindering Faith
2280 God’s Handwriting Upon David
2281 Our Lord in the Valley of Humiliation
2282 David’s Prayer in the Cave
2283 Christ’s One Sacrifice for Sin
2284 “Clear Shining After Rain”
2285 Paul, the Ready
2286 An Ancient Question Modernized
2287 “If There Is No Resurrection”
2288 The Empty Place—A Christmas Sermon

Volume 39 (1893)


The Right Keynote for the New Year

2290 God’s Unspeakable Gift
2291 “Dare to Be a Daniel”
2292 Abraham, a Pattern to Believers
2293 Simeon’s Swan Song
2294 The Memory of Christ’s Love
2295 God’s People—Or Not God’s People
2296 Saints Guarded from Stumbling
2297 Sealed and Open Evidences
2298 The Christ-Given Rest
2299 Thorns and Thistles
2300 The Whole Gospel in a Single Verse
2301 Marah Better Than Elim
2302 Watching for Christ’s Coming
2303 Three Arrows—Or Six?
2304 Blinded by Satan
2305 No Fixity Without Faith
2306 Servitude Or Service—Which?
2307 The Greatest Exhibition of the Age
2308 Ten Wrong Kind of Hearers
2309 God’s Works Made Manifest
2310 Howling Changed to Singing
2311 Our Lord’s Last Cry from the Cross
2312 Achsah’s Asking, A Pattern of Prayer
2313 Charity and Purity
2314 Three Blessings of the Heavenly Charter
2315 Paul Apprehended and Apprehending
2316 Twelve Covenant Mercies
2317 Obeying Christ’s Orders
2318 God’s Pupil, God’s Preacher—An Autobiography
2319 The Lord’s Chosen Ministers
2320 The Beloved Pastor’s Plea for Unity
2321 The Heavenly Singers and Their Song
2322 When Can We Find Comforters?
2323 Obedience Rewarded
2324 The Followers of the Lamb
2325 The Far-Off, Near—The Near, Far Off
2326 Satan Departing, Angels Ministering
2327 The Whole Machinery of Salvation
2328 Micah’s Message for Today
2329 The Lamb of God in Scripture
2330 Witnessing Better Than Knowing the Future
2331 Christ’s Pastoral Prayer for His People
2332 Lessons from the Manna
2333 The Whole Band Against Christ
2334 Our Service for Christ Never Finished
2335 Three Texts, But One Subject—Faith
2336 The Love of Jonathan and the Love of Jesus
2337 The Physician Pardons His Palsied Patient
2338 The Crisis of This World
2339 Baptism Essential to Obedience
2340 The Best Christmas Fare
2341 The Underlying Gospel for the Dying Year

More to Come, Lord Willing

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