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Volume 40 (1894)


A New Year’s Retrospect and Prospect

2343 Faint; But Not Faint-Hearted
2344 Christ’s Dying Word for His Church
2345 Moses’ Dying Charge to Israel
2346 Earth’s Vanities and Heaven’s Verities
2347 The Lord’s Famous Titles
2348 The Lord Leading; David Following
2349 All Comers to Christ Welcomed
2350 “Take, Eat”
2351 Prayer, the Cure for Care
2352 Great Joy in the City
2353 “Out of the Depths”
2354 Scarlet Sinners Pardoned and Purified
2355 Christ’s Negative and Positive Prayer
2356 The Truth of God’s Salvation
2357 The Two Pillars of Salvation
2358 The Unchangeable Christ
2359 Personal and Effectual Calling
2360 Come, My Beloved!
2361 Hopeful, Yet Doubtful
2362 The King and His Court
2363 Comfort and Constancy
2364 Poverty and Riches
2365 “Goodness, As a Morning Cloud”
2366 “The Sure Mercies of David”
2367 God’s Hidden Ones
2368 The Living Care of the Dying Christ
2369 Blood Even on the Golden Altar
2370 “Christ First, Me Last: Nothing Between But Love”
2371 Freedom at Once and Forever
2372 A Page from a Royal Diary
2373 The Weary Dove’s Return
2374 Blessed Discipline
2375 Found by Jesus, And Finding Jesus
2376 “I Will;" Yet, “Not As I Will”
2377 Love Stronger Than Death
2378 Pardon for the Greatest Guilt
2379 A Discourse to the Despairing
2380 Encouragements to Prayer
2381 “I Would; But You Would Not”
2382 The Holy Spirit’s Chief Office
2383 Seeing and Testifying
2384 “Forget You, I Will Not”
2385 Another Lesson from Manasseh’s Life
2386 The Drawings of Divine Love
2387 Good Advice for Troublous Times
2388 Once Dead, Now Alive
2389 Guidance to Grace and Glory
2390 A Royal Funeral
2391 The Keeper of the Vineyard
2392 The Birth of Christ
2393 A Comforting Message for the Closing Year

Volume 41 (1895)


Love’s Climax

2395 The Blessings of Public Worship
2396 Eternal Life!
2397 “Out of Darkness into Light”
2398 Mediation of Moses
2399 “Your First Love”
2400 Number 2400; Or, “Escape for your Life!”
2401 The Child of Light and the Works of Darkness
2402 Under Arrest
2403 The Sweet and the Sweetener
2404 “A People Prepared for the Lord”
2405 Joy, a Duty
2406 An Appeal to Children of Godly Parents
2407 Feeding on a Whole Christ
2408 Christ the Cure for Troubled Hearts
2409 A Great Sermon by the Greatest Preacher
2410 Springtime in Nature and Grace
2411 Why Some Seekers Are Not Saved
2412 A Special Benediction
2413 Despised Light Withdrawn
2414 The Prodigal’s Climax
2415 The Believer’s Heritage of Joy
2416 Adorning the Gospel
2417 First Forgiveness, Then Healing
2418 “All of One”
2419 Repentance after Conversion
2420 “The King Can Do No Wrong”
2421 Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
2422 “There Is Forgiveness”
2423 The Model Soul-Winner
2424 The New Song on Earth
2425 Self-Destroyed, Yet Saved
2426 A Prayer for Revival
2427 “The Ark of His Covenant”
2428 The Marriage Supper of the Lamb
2429 Converts, and Their Confession of Faith
2430 Christians, and Their Communion with God
2431 The Double Cleansing
2432 Kept from Iniquity
2433 Heman’s Sorrowful Psalm
2434 “A Man Under Authority”
2435 The Everlasting Arms
2436 “How Good to Those Who Seek!”
2437 Prayer, the Proof of Godliness
2438 “Two Immutable Things”
2439 Five Links in a Golden Chain
2440 Faithful Stewardship
2441 The Lord’s Knowledge, Our Safeguard
2442 “My Beloved Is Mine”
2443 The Determination of Christ to Suffer for His People
2444 Cheering Words
2445 The Last Sermon for the Year

Volume 42 (1896)


Carte Blanche

2447 “God, and Not Man”—What Does It Mean?
2448 “Herein Is Love”
2449 The Rule and Reward of Serving Christ
2450 The Joy of Redemption
2451 “Blessed in Him”
2452 Hope for the Worst Backsliders
2453 A Hard Case
2454 The Secret of Failure
2455 A Cure for a Weak Heart
2456 The Lamb Our Leader
2457 Job’s Resignation
2458 Reasons for a Singular Question
2459 “Better Than Wine”
2460 God’s Fire and Hammer
2461 Rejoicing and Remembering
2462 The Known and the Unknown
2463 Why Men Reject Christ
2464 The Power of a Sigh
2465 Our Omnipotent Leader
2466 Unpurchasable Love
2467 Christ and His Co-Workers
2468 Solitude, Silence, Submission
2469 The Incomparable Bridegroom and His Bride
2470 Jacob and Doubting Souls a Parallel
2471 "The Best of All Is, God Is with Us"
2472 The Best of the Best
2473 An Awful Contrast
2474 The Great Change
2475 “My Garden”—“His Garden”
2476 “This Thing Is from Me”
2477 Darkness before the Dawn
2478 Christ’s Perfection and Precedence
2479 Spices, Flowers, Lilies, and Myrrh
2480 The Tender Grapes
2481 Faith Victorious
2482 An Unparalleled Cure
2483 The Objective of Christ’s Death
2484 The Very Friend You Need
2485 Love’s Vigilance Rewarded
2486 Overcoming Christ
2487 Ordered Steps
2488 Christ’s Love to His Spouse
2489 Singing Saints
2490 The Danger of Carnal Security
2491 Shame Leading to Salvation
2492 Paul’s Persuasion
2493 “A Man Named Matthew”
2494 The Cause and Cure of a Wounded Spirit
2495 Defiled and Defiling
2496 Joyful Anticipation of the Second Advent
2497 A New Leaf for the New Year

More to Come, Lord Willing

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