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Volume 7 (1861)



A Defense of Calvinism
Metropolitan Tabernacle Opening Schedule
348 Consolation in Christ
349 The Wailing of Risca
350 A Blow at Self-Righteousness
351 Plenteous Redemption
352 A Merry Christmas
353 The Cleansing of the Leper
354 A Sermon for the Week of Prayer
355 Portraits of Christ
356 Words of Expostulation
357 The Christ of Patmos
358 The Earnest of Heaven
359 The Tabernacle—Outside the Camp
360 Adoption
361 None But Jesus—First Part
362 None But Jesus—Second Part
363 The Glorious Right Hand of the Lord
364 The Shulamite's Choice Prayer
365 Humility
366 The Silver Trumpet
367 The Great Supreme
368 The March! (Last of The New Park Street Pulpit sermons.)
369A Opening Service of the Metropolitan Tabernacle
369 The First Sermon in the Tabernacle
370 Evangelical Congratulations
371 Opening Services
372 Meeting of the Neighboring Churches
373 Christ Set Forth As a Propitiation
374 The Interest of Christ and His People in Each Other
375 Temple Glories
376 Public Meeting of Our London Baptist Brethren
377 Public Meeting of the Various Denominations
378 Christ's Finished Work
379 Perfect Cleansing
380 Meeting of Our Own Church
381 Christian Baptism
382 The Last Census
383 The Missionary's Charge and Charter
384 Full Assurance
385 Expositions of the Doctrines of Grace
386 Election
387 Human Depravity
388-A Effectual Calling
388-B The Final Perseverance of Believers in Christ Jesus
388 Particular Redemption
389-390 Nonconformity
391 The First Resurrection
392 Trust in God—True Wisdom
393 The Church—Conservative and Aggressive
394 Even So, Father!
396 Climbing the Mountain
397 Fire! Fire! Fire!
398 The New Nature
399 A Peal of Bells
400 Our Miseries, Messengers of Mercy
401 Jacob's Waking Exclamation
402 The Joint-Heirs and Their Divine Portion
403 The Broken Column
404 Intercessory Prayer
405 The Triumphal Entry Into Jerusalem
406 The Infallibility of God's Purpose
407 Natural or Spiritual?
408 Accidents, Not Punishments
409 Fellowship with God
410 Not Now, But Hereafter!
411 Infant Salvation
412 God's First Words to the First Sinner
413 To Die or Not to Die!
414 The Glory of Christ—Beheld!
415 The Fullness of Christ—Received!
416 The Shield of Faith
417 Scourge for Slumbering Souls
418 Bread for the Hungry
419 The Roaring Lion
420 Abram and the Ravenous Birds
421 "It Is Finished!"
422 The Peacemaker
423 The Weeding of the Garden
424 The True Apostolic Succession
425 Too Good to Be True—A Paradox
426 The Royal Deathbed

Volume 8 (1862)




A Psalm for the New Year
428 A Cure for Care
429 Grace Exalted—Boasting Excluded
430 Two Advents of Christ
431 A Secret and Yet No Secret
432 A Voice From the Hartley Colliery
433 Life in Earnest
434 Threefold Sanctification
435 Obtaining Promises
436 A Sermon for Spring


A Sight of Self
438 God or Self—Which?
439 The Danger of Doubting
440 Cheer for the Faint-Hearted


The Elders Before the Throne
442 God's Will and Man's Will
443 The Two Draughts of Fishes
444 The Portion of the Ungodly
445 Resurrection—Christ the First Fruits
446 The Old, Old Story


God's Estimate of Time
448 Another and a Nobler Exhibition
449 Joseph and His Brothers
450 An Exhortation by Rev. C. H. Spurgeon
451 Choice Portions
452 The Lord's Care of His People
453 Compassion for the Multitude
454 Sunshine in the Heart
455 "The Love of Jesus, What It Is—None But His Loved Ones Know"
456 The Stony Heart Removed


458 The Friend of Sinners
459 A Sermon for Men of Taste
460 Faith and Repentance Inseparable
461 Am I Clear of His Blood?
462 Creation—An Argument for Faith
463 Christ's Servant—His Duty and Reward
464 A Sermon for Gleaners
465 The Holy Spirit Glorifying Christ
466 The Loaded Wagon


Flesh and Spirit—A Riddle
468 Ezekiel's Deserted Infant
469 What Do You Mean, Sleeper?
470 The Messenger of the Covenant
471 "Accepted in the Beloved"
472 Believers—Lights in the World
473 Good News for You
474 Faith Omnipotent
475 Self-Delusion
476 Citizenship in Heaven


Never! Never! Never! Never! Never!
478 Christ—Perfect Through Suffering
479 Christian Sympathy
480 A Message from God for You
481 A Drama in Five Acts
482 The Royal Pair in the Glorious Chariot
483 Life and Walk of Faith
484 The Lord—The Liberator
485 No Room for Christ in the Inn
486 The Sinner's End

Volume 9 (1863)




A Tempted Savior—Our Best Succor
488 The Voice from Heaven
489 Broad Rivers and Streams
490 Gracious Renewal
491 Our Stronghold
492 A Tempted Savior—Our Best Succor
493 Gethsemane
494 The Betrayal
495 The Greatest Trial on Record
496 The New Song
497 The Procession of Sorrow
498 The Gladness of the Man of Sorrows
499 The Clean and the Unclean
500 Ebenezer!


Grace Abounding
502 A Jealous God
503 Death and Life in Christ
504 I Know That My Redeemer Lives
505 The Root of the Matter
506 Strong Meat
507 The Power of Prayer and the Pleasure of Praise
508 Comfort to Seekers from What the Lord Has Not Said
509 Lead Us Not Into Temptation
510 Peace by Believing
511 Pentecost
512 A Precious Drop of Honey
513 The Young Man's Prayer
514 Tell It All
515 The Sinner's Advocate
516 The Minister's Stock-Taking
517 The Rainbow


The Bridgeless Gulf
519 Believing with the Heart
520 Confession with the Mouth
521 The Power of Aaron's Rod
522 Mealtime in the Corn Fields
523 From Death to Life
524 The Saint's Horror at the Sinner's Hell
525 Am I Sought Out?


No Illusion
527 The Red Heifer
528 Chastisement—Now and Afterwards
529 The Cedars of Lebanon
530 The Chief of Sinners
531 The Warrant of Faith
532 Thanksgiving and Prayer
533 The Queen of the South, Or the Earnest Inquirer
534 The Mighty Power Which Creates and Sustains Faith
535 Ben-Hadad's Escape—An Encouragement for Sinners
536 Jehovah-Shammah
537 Encourage Your Minister!
538 Caleb—the Man for the Times
539 Heavenly Love-Sickness!
540 The Lambs and Their Shepherd
541 Direction in Dilemma
542 Paul—His Cloak and His Books
543 Once a Curse But Now a Blessing
544 Lessons from Lydia's Conversion
545 The Holy Child, Jesus
546 Alpha and Omega

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May the Lord bless you abundantly for your labor of love.